Best Work at Home Jobs 2014

The number one question I receive through my email and through the comments on this site is:Best in 2014

What are the best work at home jobs in 2014?  This has been been the number one question for 2010, 2011 2012, 2013 and I am sure it will be for 2015, 2016 and beyond.

When I get this question I tell them I have to have an answer to my question first.

What are you looking to accomplish by working at home?

More free time?

Higher Pay?

Financial Freedom?

Something to make the car payment with?

Flexible work hours?

Most people who answered back said they were looking for a way to replace their day job so they can quit and stay home with their kids.  I also had this dream but to be honest most people including myself won’t be able to accomplish this without a lot of savings.  Starting a business at home from scratch will take time and to have to worry about where the money for the house payment or your next meal is coming from is too much stress.  There are no work from home ideas where you can instantly replace your income.

When it comes to this most people will not have the drive or time to accomplish something from scratch like a home based business.  That is the reason I usually recommend a program like LiveOps.  With this company all you need is internet, phone and a quiet space to work in and you can get paid.  There is not a big hurdle to get this done nor is there a big hurdle to getting paid.  This is a way to supplement your current income.

The reason I recommend you keep your current job and do supplemental income with a part-time job to first pay off any debt you have and at the very minimum build up a years savings.

This process actually accomplishes two things.  First by working for someone else first you find out if you have what it takes to work from home.  Working from home is not as easy as you think there are all kinds of distractions.  Second by saving the money it will give you some breathing room so you don’t have the pressure of where you can get your next meal.

Working from home can be great so for the best work at home jobs in 2014 would be through Liveops.  Basically you should be able to do this work from home idea for little or no money to start.  Most likely you already have everything you need to get started (Computer, High speed Internet and Home Phone)

Let us know if you are working another opportunity that is low-cost to start.

I look forward to your comments!