Best Logo Creator for Free Online

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We have you covered below are our reviews on free online logo creators that you can use in designing your home busines logo.

If you’re looking for the Best Logo Maker for Free Online, we’ve listed some of the best options below. We’ve reviewed Hatchful, Squarespace, and Ucraft. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and see which is best for your needs. If you have a small budget and need a logo quickly, these are the options you should consider.


Canva is a powerful website that makes creating a professional-looking logo for your company easy. The website includes an array of customizable logo templates ranging from circular to square, and allows you to add photos, text, and elements. In addition to the logo creator, you can share your designs on social media and via email. This free logo maker is also very easy to use and intuitive. Here are some of the best reasons to use it to create a logo for your business.

Canva has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and over a hundred free templates to choose from. It asks for information about your company, which results in several logos for your business. These templates are customizable, and you can change the colors and feel of your logos to suit your brand. You can download your completed logo without having to pay a fee, and Canva is mobile and desktop-friendly, which means that it works well on any device.

The Con on using Canva is it is a FREE 30 day trial. You have to sign up for a plan and give out your finacial information.

Is Hatchful The Best Logo Creator for Free Online?

If you are looking for a free online logo creator, Hatchful is a good choice. This tool has a friendly interface that asks you some questions to help you decide what kind of logo to create. The interface includes icons and colors and suggests logo templates based on your preferences. You should choose a color scheme for your logo, and the platform will also generate social media assets, including Twitter and Facebook covers, and other related assets.

After choosing a design, you will have the option to edit the logo’s design. The tool comes with several styles that you can choose from, and you’ll need to choose one that fits your Shopify store’s design style. The different editorial options are Bold, Classic, and Reliable. To create your logo, choose 3 out of these styles, and input your business name and slogan. After that, you can select additional features such as the font color, background, and typeface.


Many free logo maker websites are available for home business startups, but what makes some of these better than others? BrandCrowd is an excellent example of an online logo maker that can produce a squarespace logo in a matter of minutes. In addition to offering a free version, this website offers a high-quality logo file that is perfect for use on print layouts and other promotional materials. Whether you need a logo for your website or to brand social media posts, BrandCrowd is an excellent option.

The squarespace logo maker is limited to editing your business name, tagline, and logo shape. It does not let you change the date or the established date. Therefore, Squarespace Logo is not the best option if you are planning to launch a luxury brand. You can use Squarespace Logo to create a logo for your brand, but it’s not a perfect choice for a newbie. In addition, this tool only provides limited customization options.


If you are looking for a free online logo creator, look no further than Ucraft. Their interface is intuitive and allows you to create the perfect logo in just a few minutes. In addition to their free services, they offer paid plans as well. The Pro-Website and Pro Shop packages cost $10 and $21, respectively. You can even download your logo as a PNG file for free. However, if you want a more high-quality logo, you’ll have to upgrade to one of their paid options.

For free logo design, Ucraft offers a wide variety of options. The interface is very smooth, and the free service allows you to upload your logo to the cloud for free. It also offers free cloud hosting, making it easy for you to share your logo with others. Its wide range of icons and shapes make it a breeze to design your logo. And the best thing about it? It’s entirely free!


The Wix logo creator is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a logo for your company, and it only takes a few minutes to create a professional-looking design. Like PowerPoint, Wix allows you to edit, resize, and add shapes, icons, and text to your logo. The Wix logo creator includes a massive library of fonts and an intuitive search bar. One downside to Wix is that it has occasional performance problems.

When using Wix, you can easily upload graphics from your computer and upload them to your logo. Wix allows you to save draft logos. You can also save your logos for future reference. Wix offers a variety of discounts for its website packages. This is especially useful if you’re building a website and want a logo for your new business. Wix is the best free online logo creator, and it can help you create a professional-looking brand identity for your company.

Adobe Logo Designer

Logo design is essential to any business or organization, yet it can be expensive to commission a professional designer. Adobe offers a free logo design that makes it easy to create a custom logo in minutes. The program is easy to use and features a wide variety of templates and graphics. You can also create your own logo from scratch, or import your own pictures.

Adobe’s free logo was our hands-down winner, especially for startup home businesses. Here is a link to the free logo designer.

In conclusion, free logo designers are a great way to get a professional logo without spending a lot of money. They can help you create a logo that will represent your business well and help you stand out from the competition.