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Welcome to Work From Home Ideas! I hope you find this site helpful in finding a way to make money from home.


Growing up I was always told go to school and get a job. Well, life couldn’t have been better when I was younger. Starting out finding a job making decent money was easy!

I first started out in Insurance sales staying in the town where I graduated college…..  That was a mistake, so I decided I better look for income back where I grew up in Kansas City, MO.

I quickly found a job (1994) in the mortgage industry. This was great not just the money, but I quickly moved up the ranks and was managing the mortgage operation.

Then the company was sold and closed. So I found a job with another mortgage operation only to see it go down the drain at the start of the collapse of the mortgage industry.

I then sought out what I thought was a stable company to work my way up. I started out in the call center for a major telephone company answering billing questions. I quickly moved up through the ranks and was promoted several times.

Guess what I learned?

No matter how good you are…..  No matter if you show up to work on time day in and day out….. No matter if you give your company loyalty…

The big corporations could give a crap about you. After 13 years with this company they came through with a surplus, and I was blindsided by a guy in California who has a name I can’t even pronounce.

What a feeling to have been promoted several times, top of the sales team and then to be let go by a guy in California.

Corporations have no Loyalty to their employees. Is the first thing I learned.

Second, it doesn’t matter how good of an employee you are…..  All that matters is how good you can pucker up and kiss ass…

The sad thing is the whole team I was with was soon to follow. Some found jobs with the company some didn’t.

This is How and Why Work From Home Ideas was Started

After being unemployed for a few months, I finally had to take a job that was a third of what I was getting paid before. Now the good thing is this company had great benefits, and I got to work from home!

Working from home has taught me a few things. One money is not everything. Working from home has been so relaxing, and it has saved me days of my life in commute time and staying and working hard on projects for a non-loyal company. I now just walk to my desk in my house. Log into the phone system. Take calls to the end of my shift, and I am done.

Working from home has let me develop other areas of my talents. Since I have gained commuting time back. I have had more time to learn and to improve websites like “Work From Home Ideas.”

The Goal of This Site Is To Help Others Escapework from home or anywhere

I am hoping to help others to escape the drudgery of long commutes, cubicle jobs and to set yourself free as I have. Not only am I now healthier but I have more time to volunteer in other activities with my kids.

I hope to help you find your passion so you can start making money from home, passive income, start a home business or work from home.

All the best,

CJ (WorkFromHomeIdeas.org)

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